Survey on Transportation and Lunch Preference for MCU 66th Anniversary

Dear colleagues,
Each unit is kindly requested to cooperate with the following matters:

1.Date of University Anniversary: March 25, 2023 (Saturday)
2.Please submit the survey results before 12:00 pm, March 10, 2023 (Friday)
3.Please submit your completed survey to your first-level unit secretary or contact window. Then the secretary or contact window is kindly asked to help to collect and sort out the results.
4.Transportation survey: Faculty members please fill out form 1; staff members please fill out form 2; responsible staff members please fill out form 3; administrators please fill out form 4. Please submit the survey results to Mr. Luo, Chi-Lun at Ext. 2230 in the Operations Section in the General Affairs Division (Please refer to Form 1 to 4 for bus information.).
5.Lunch survey: Faculty and staff members, please fill out the same form. Lunchboxes will be ready for collection on the reception of General Affairs Section in Taoyuan campus Administration Offices (Q) or at the event venue in Chengkung area. Please submit the survey results to Ms. Chang, Pi-Feng at Ext. 2346 in the Construction and Buildings Section, General Affairs Division.

Best Regards, General Affairs Division