Insect Disinfection Notice

Subject: Maintenance of good environmental hygiene: MCU facilities to be sprayed for insects. Please follow the
instructions below:


A. Disinfection Time: February 4, 2023 at 8:00am until completion of the disinfection process
B. Disinfection Area: Taipei Campus (including Student Activities Center and dormitory)
C. Disinfection Targets: Mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and fleas
D. Important Reminders:
1. Stay away from these facilities and surrounding areas during the spraying until at least 30 minutes after the
disinfection process is completed.
2. Cover or remove personal belongings, utensils and aquariums.
3. Wash any utensils, which might contact your mouth or nose, with soap before meals.
4. See your doctor for immediate attention if you develop any physical discomfort.
5. Each unit is asked to turn in its office key in to Operations Section of General Affairs Division before February 3 in
order to speed up the disinfection process.
E. Responsible Extermination Company: I-Dui Disinfection and Cleaning Company
Contact Information: (03)339-1122
Responsible Personnel: Gu Zhi-Xiang 0937-805-905
Technician: Tan Xue-Feng
Responsible General Laborer: Chen, Ming-Zang
Contact Information: 0988-128-928

Responsible Person: General Affairs Division Operations Section
Mr. Su, Shih-Chiang Ext: 2231