Notice of Summer Recess

Dear Faculty and Staff members on Taipei campus:
The coming summer administrative recess is scheduled from July
21( Friday ) through July 30(Sunday).
Please take note of the following information to ensure campus safety
plus proper maintenance of university properties and facilities.
1. Please make sure windows and doors are locked before you leave the
office. This is to prevent the office from thefts and burglar intrusion.
2. Please make sure to turn off all electronic equipment and faucets. This
is to help save energy/ water resource and ensure equipment well-

3. Please DO NOT leave any valuable, personal belongings on campus. It
will help prevent thefts as well.
4. All secretaries of academic units are kindly reminded to inform their
graduate students to follow the “Notice of Winter Recess.”
5. During the winter recess, there are still numbers of staff on-duty.
Should any campus accidences occur, the drillmaster or campus security
guard shall take lead, coordinate/ synchronize resources, and initiate
timely response. He or she should also file situation update afterwards.
(Staff on-duty, including – drillmasters, campus security guards,
administrative staff, general laborers, guards, work-study students,
dormitory supervisors, etc.)
6. Staff on-duty shall resume to their posts on time to carry out their
responsibilities and maintain campus safety. In case of any emergencies,
they should respond and file report by following the Guidelines of
Campus Emerg ency Response Team.
7. Campus security guards are required to carry out rigorous screening
measure during the recess. Any requests of entering campus will be
required to present ID in exchange with visitor”s pass for legal entrance.
If any accidences or emergency occur during the recess, please call the
security guard office (Taipei Campus) at extension 2369 for assistance.
8. Close all doors and windows, move outdoor plants to safe areas, and
disconnect plugs, as preparations for the approaching typhoon.

Best regards,
Operations Section of General Affairs Division