2023-24 AY Taipei Campus Vehicle (Cars and Motorcycles) Parking Permit Application Procedure

1.Taipei Campus Vehicle (Cars and Motorcycles) Parking Permit Application will be open on August 7th (Monday). In order to reduce the wait time for processing, we kindly ask faculty and staff to select the appropriate application form based on their “identity category” and provide the required information. Please upload applicant’s driver’s license and the original vehicle registration certificate (cars should be owned by the applicant, their immediate family member, or spouse). The Operations Section of General Affairs Division will process the permit within three working days, excluding holidays (date of application submission not included). Please make the payment using the Automated Document Machine, and once completed, present the application receipt to the Operations Section to obtain the parking permit.


【Administrators】 https://forms.gle/xETGJ28FzLk1KWwV6

【Full-time Faculty Members】 https://forms.gle/fPXpMMRN9RbKyTfy6

【Administration Staff Members】 https://forms.gle/Vm1bLCcZYmRH6WHD8

【Part-time Faculty Members】 https://forms.gle/9pKcghC3B6Wmg6pB6

【Student Club Advisors】 https://forms.gle/gxBoaCJy93cNv3jk7

【Outside Vendors】 https://forms.gle/VYQR598ikKr31mtP6


【Faculty and Staff Members and Outside Vendors】 https://forms.gle/T5GZ9hLTH27gJw3X9

2.Due to limited parking availability on Taipei campus, two days per week are designated for all administrative staff (excluding MCU directors) and general labors, on which they are not allowed to drive into the campus. Staff members at Taoyuan campus and Jihe campus are to follow the same regulation (may not drive onto Taipei campus on Mondays and Thursdays).

3.Fees for parking permits:

3-1. Car parking permit for full-time faculty and administrative directors: 2000NTD/per academic year

3-2. Car parking permit for administrative staff members: 1000NTD/ per academic year

3-3. Car parking permit for outside vendors: 2000NTD/per academic year

3-4. Temporary car parking permit for outside vendors: 1000NTD/per academic year

3-5. Car parking permit for part-time faculty and student club advisors: 500NTD/per academic year

3-6. Motorcycle parking permit: 200NTD/per academic year

4.Contact person: Mr. Lin, Enoch Hsu (ext.2681)